Standards Development

Standards Development

Jonathan Pollet, the founder of Red Tiger Security, was one of the first security experts to publish articles and white papers pushing for increased security of SCADA and Industrial Control Systems as early as 2001. He, along with other Red Tiger Security team members, have contributed either as an author or reviewer for the following security standards affecting SCADA and ICS equipment:

ISA/IEC-62443 (Formerly ISA-99 International Standard)

NERC 1300 and CIP standards (USA Electricity Sector)

NIST 800-82 (USA)
WIB Standard (Oil and Gas International)
DHS CFATS (USA Chemicals Sector)

CPNI Best Practice Guide for Securing the move to IP based SCADA/PLC Networks

Qatar Controls for the Security of Critical Industrial Automation and Control Systems Guidelines

Red Tiger Security also gives back to the community by participating in over 40 industry professional societies, summits, working groups, committees, and events each year either as subject matter experts, panelists, speakers, invited guests, committee members, or working participants.

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