2011 September

September 2011

Red Tiger Security hits 400 for trained SCADA students

On the heels of two sold out training courses at BlackHat in Las Vegas, Red Tiger Security recently took its SCADA Security training course to Hong Kong where another 30 professionals were trained in elements of SCADA foundamentals, cyber security attack methodology, SCADA Vulnerability Assessments, and bleeding edge defense techniques. Since the first course offered in early 2009, this brings the total to just over 400 professionals around the world that have benefited from our unique training course that blends SCADA technology, cyber security attack and defense, and the latest in SCADA Security Solutions.

We have cut the fat out of the course, and completely revamped all of the cyber security and attack modules. They are now based on BackTrack 5, and the previous hands-on exercises that were based on simplistic buffer overflow attacks found online in Google forums have been completely rewritten from the ground up. We also added new SCADA hands-on labs and new SCADA equipment. The new revamped 2.4 version is ready for prime time at the upcoming SANS SCADA events in Rome and Orlando, and features one of our new instructors and System Engineers – Daniel Michaud-Soucy. He will be teaching the cyber security and attack methodology components alongside myself, so check out the upcoming dates for more information and to secure your seat at these events!



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