2012 January

January 2012

SANS SCADA Summit in Orlando Recap

Based on the feedback forms from SANS, this year’s North American SCADA Summit in Orlando was the best in the history of the event. It started with our 5-day SCADA Security Course, and we had the most students to-date with 58 registered students. Dan and I, with the help of the SANS staff, were able to ensure that every student had power and Ethernet drops, and everyone worked through the hands-on labs with limited technical difficulties. Some of the PLC and OPC labs suffered through heavy network traffic, so we’ll need to bring even more gear next time, but in the end everyone was able to build their own SCADA systems and interact with the hardware we provided. Prizes were given out for the first students that wrote scrips to strobe the PLC outputs, and one student set the lights to “disco” mode, which complemented the music that carried over from the wedding party in the adjaccent room during one of the afternoon sessions.

With the summit starting strong from the heavily attended SCADA training, the rest of the summit kept the momentum going with excellent discussions and presentations. The INL crew stayed around after to offer the Basic and Intermediate free DHS training, and the latest version 2.0 of the Exposure to Closure theater event hosted by NERC was very engaging and thought-provoking.

The presentations and workshops that we provided at the summit will be available on the SANS web site, and they have also been uploaded here to the “Presentations” area of our web site. The hacking demonstrations and videos have been stripped out of the presentation when converting it to PDF, but if you are interested in the multi-media content, just contact us, and we can shoot you a link to that content as well.

Thanks to all that helped make this event a huge success!

7th SANS SCADA Summit 2012 – Orlando, Florida

A lot of our friends, associates, and clients have indicated that they are coming to the SANS SCADA Summit in Orlando this year, and we will be playing a large role in the event again this year. The SANS website contains a lot of information relating to the event, and we wanted to provide a quick review of our involvement throughout the event:

Saturday, Jan 21 through Wednesday Jan 25:
Red Tiger Security 5-day SCADA Security Training Course
> Still not to late to sign up – more information here.

Thursday, Jan 26 through Friday Jan 27:
> Come catch the exciting presentation “Hacking SCADA Systems: 2011 in Review ” on Thursday, Jan 26 at 11:00 AM. Download the detailed event agenda here.

2-hour Incident Management Technical Workshops led by Jonathan Pollet:
Thursday, Jan 26 3:15 PM – 5:15 PM
Friday, Jan 27 3:00 PM -5:00 PM
> Jonathan will be teaching free 2-hr workshops on Thursday and Friday afternoons at the vendor area, so stop by if you are interested in how to setup an Incident Management program for SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

From Exposure to Closure – ACT II – The Next Frontier:
Saturday, Jan 28 6:00 PM through 10 PM
> Be exposed to the entire spectrum of the cyber security realm; this includes the identification of vulnerabilities and threats to the risk assessment, mitigation as well as response and recovery of a cyber event. This special session is worth the wait until Saturday night for, and with Tim Roxey running the show, it will be something you will not want to miss! More information here.

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