About Us

About Us

Red Tiger Security is a focused SCADA Security consultancy, training, and research firm dedicated to the resiliency of national critical infrastructure, and mission-critical business systems that must be available on a 24×7 basis. Red Tiger Security has developed and implemented a 6-layer Vulnerability Assessment approach that encompasses both Physical and Cyber security for ICS (Industrial Control Systems).

Over the past ten years, the founder and several members of the Red Tiger Security team have been focused on security issues relating to real-time, mission-critical Industrial Control Systems, and have been very active in the security community. The following items describe some of the areas where the Red Tiger Security team has already made a lasting impact in securing Critical Infrastructure:

  • Conducting security assessments on real-time live SCADA, DCS, EMS, and process control system environments
  • Developed Global Security Standards for large Fortune 100 clients, and actively involved in assisting clients with security compliance efforts
  • Sought out by the US DHS, FBI, DOD, London CPNI, Canadian PSEPC, and Australian Ministries of Defense for Critical Infrastructure Security Training from 2001 through present
  • Consultants to Idaho National Labs, Sandia National Labs, Pacific Northwest National Labs, and the US National SCADA Test Bed initiative
  • Keynote speakers on security at many leading security conferences from 2002 to the present
  • Instructors for all DHS-sponsored training courses offered through the Idaho National Labs
  • Developers of the 5-day SCADA and Smart Grid Security Advanced hands-on training course offered in Malaysia, London, Ottawa, Dubai, Doha, and in several US cities
  • Appointed to the Smart Grid Networks Council in 2009, and still an active member
  • Developers of the 2-day BlackHat SCADA Training course 


Business Partners and Affiliations

SANS Institute
We have worked with the SANS Institute since 2007 to help develop their SCADA SANS Summit events, and we continue to work closely with SANS to plan and build out SCADA events in North America and abroad.

We have worked with BlackHat since 2010 to build and deliver SCADA Security training to the BlackHat community. Each year the our BlackHat course is updated with new content and hands-on exercises.

HackLabs (Sydney)
Red Tiger Security forged a partnership and MOU with HackLabs based in Sydney, Australia. The two firms will be working much more closely together in upcoming months to grow the SCADA Security market in Asia Pacific. HackLabs also provides penetration testing resources to Red Tiger as needed. The HackLabs Sydney operations now organizes and manages the Red Tiger Security opportunities for the Asia Pacific region. The first big win for this partnership will be to bring much needed SCADA Security training to Australia.

Booz and Co. (Italy)
Red Tiger Security recently inked an MOU with Booz and Co’s European operations based in Milan, Italy. Booz and Red Tiger will be collaboratively pursuing the European Critical Infrastructure markets together. This provides a base of operations in Milan for the Red Tiger team, and extends the capabilities of the Booz consulting operations.

UTC (Utility Telecom Council)
Since our first presentation at the UTC SCADA Security Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2005, we have been an active member and faithful contributor at both regional and national events, and we look forward to many more UTC events in the future.

ISA (International Society of Automation)
Since the birth of the ISA S99 standard, we have provided valued input into both local chapters and annual events to raise the awareness of SCADA and Process Control Security.

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