2010 August

August 2010

DOE / INL report on the vulnerabilities of Industrial Control Systems (2003 – 2009)

Our very close friends at Idaho National Labs (INL) have publicly released the report that details some of the significant threats to the Energy Infrastructure from 2003 – 2009 inclusive.

Some of the highlights are the rating of security vulnerabilities to the national energy grid in the US. This also relates to the Canadian side of the equation as we (U.S. and Canada have a very strong and strategic partnership on the generation and distribution of energy across the boarder.

Find the complete document here.


MS10-046 Patch Released (a.k.a. – Stuxnet)

Last night I was advised on the relase by Microsoft of the patch for the recent Stuxnet exploits that have been found in the wild.

Some additional informaiton on the CPU cycles spiking was made available. Should this type of event occur, a hard reset may be required.

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