2012 April

April 2012

Red Tiger Security’s Daniel Michaud-Soucy Featured Speaker at the 2012 International Liquid Terminals Association Conference

Daniel Michaud-Soucy, who has been one of the Network Engineers for Red Tiger Security since 2010, has been invited to speak at this year’s ITLA (International Liquid Terminals Association) Conference. Dan started his career as a Computer Engineer for the Canadian government, and then started performing cyber security assessments and audits for Red Tiger Security. He was able to leverage his embedded and electrical engineering background and computer coding skills to switch careers into cyber security for critical infrastructure.

Over the past few years, Dan has been a dedicated and innovative resource for Red Tiger Security. He moved to Houston, Texas in late 2010 to be closer to our headquarters, and he has met every challenge and exceeded expectations. He assisted in the complete revamp of our 5-day SCADA Security training course, and has been a pivotal asset in leading our onsite technical teams for SCADA Vulnerability Assessments.

Dan will be presenting his topic “Vulnerabilities to Cyber Attacks: Are You in Control of Your Terminal System?” at the upcoming ITLA conference in Houston, Texas. The conference is scheduled for May 21-23, 2012, and the program is now online at this link. If you are planning to attend the conference, or happen to be in the Houston area that week, you will enjoy Dan’s timely presentation. Contact us if you want to schedule a dinner or offsite meeting during the event.

Thanks Dan!

Red Tiger Security’s Brian Meixell featured at Texas Austin Bsides Conference

Brian Meixell, our Network Engineer based in Austin, participated in the Texas B sides conference this past Friday. He was on the Penetration Testers panel and contributed to the discussion entitled “Testers Tools of the Trade.”  Brian has an excellent foundation of electrical engineering, computer engineering, embedded firmware hacking, and a strong skill set in penetration testing.

After spending the past several years focused on SCADA and Control Systems, Brian has been able to round out his expertise by focusing his penetration testing and vulnerability assessment skills on critical infrastructure. He has a perfect blend of experience and skill sets that lends itself nicely for the types of projects that our team is involved in.

We are proud of Brian’s career growth and for being invited to speak at B sides. More information about the conference can be found here.

Cheers Brian!

SCADA Security Training Courses in the USA Open for Registration

Red Tiger Security has partnered with BlackHat and with SANS to offer the 2-day course in Vegas and the 5-day course in Houston this summer. The registration links for both course offerings are live and already accepting registrations. Seats are begining to fill up fast in these classes.  The 2-day course has been capped at 40 students, and the 5-day course in Houston has been capped at 50.

We have just recently upgraded all of the PLC, RTU, and embedded device hardware in our mobile SCADA lab, and mounted all of the hardware to pexiglass mounts. We have new hands on exercises whereby the students can explore ways to get the lights, fans, and instrumentation to change based on their hacking techniques.  We have also introduced a new wireless Smart Meter with a WiFi interface for additional wireless mayhem. Come join us in Vegas or in Houston to have fun, learn how to these systems work, how to hack them, and how to defend them.

21-24 July
Red Tiger Security + Tom Parker 2-Day SCADA Security Course
Location: Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV
Event: BlackHat 2012 USA
NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION: Link to BlackHat Registration page

20-24 August 2012
Red Tiger Security Advanced 5-day course
Location: The Woodlands, Texas (The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center)
NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION: Link to SANS Registration page

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