Red Tiger Security is a cyber security services firm that specializes in securing SCADA and Industrial Control Systems. Since mission critical systems are often connected to corporate business networks and the Internet, it is important to test all potential threats and attack paths into SCADA and Industrial Control System networks. Our firm retains seasoned cyber security professionals that have a blend of penetration testing, real-time SCADA / Automation systems, and telemetry backgrounds. By developing this unique skill set in our resources, we are able to provide a suite of cyber security testing services that can actively test all of the potential attack paths into SCADA and Industrial Control Systems infrastructures. We also teach these methodologies and techniques through our training courses.

One never really knows how effective a security system works unless it is tested. Through our Active Penetration Testing services, we put on our black hats and play the role of a motivated attacker to test the strength of our client’s physical, cyber, social, and technical security controls.

We can also go deep into the SCADA and Industrial Control Systems infrastructure to test all system components from the firewalls and DMZ networks at the perimeter, all the way down to the sensors and instrumentation on the plant floor. Once we are on the inside of the SCADA / ICS networks, we no longer utilize active penetration testing services, tools, or techniques, since these pose a risk to live operating production equipment. We use passive techniques to conduct vulnerability assessments of SCADA / ICS networks while these systems are in use and in production.

Take a deeper look into each of our cyber security service offerings, and contact us if you have any questions or would like a free quote for any of these services. We can also bundle multiple service offerings together.

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