2012 July

July 2012

Jonathan Pollet from Red Tiger Security to speak at Hacker Halted

Last year we participated in the Hacker Halted conference in Miami, and we saw growing interest in the topics of SCADA and Industrial Control Systems security. We must have done something right, because our presentation topic for this year was accepted, and we are excited to return to Miami for the second year.

Since the word Hacker is embedded in the name of this event, we have turned up the juice and will be demonstrating several hacks on SCADA and embedded devices. Last year we showed a few videos, but this year we will bring out a portion of the Red Tiger Security SCADA Lab road show and do some live hacking at the conference.

The event is planned for October 28-31 in sunny Miami, so if you were on the fence about coming to this year’s HH, jump in with both feet and join the party. More information can be found on their web site: http://www.hackerhalted.com/2012/Conference.aspx

Look forward to seeing you there!

Red Tiger Security @BlackHat and DEF CON 2012 Vegas

The 2-day jam-packed SCADA Security course that Tom Parker and I built and delivered last year at BlackHat was a huge success with both classes sold out before the event started. This year our course is back by popular demand, and we have taken it up a notch by adding even more hardware, tools, and techniques for everyone to play with.

I’m bringing the following gear: Modicon Momentum PLC with I/O, Rockwell Automation MicroLogix 1100 with I/O, several embedded RTUs with ModbusTCP enabled (and juicy web interfaces – hint), a DIN-rail mounted industrial PC with embedded XP (so many vulns, so little time…), several ethernet-enabled telemetry devices, a smart meter with WiFi enabled (telnet turned on by default by the vendor), and several more blinky devices with ethernet ports (yumm).

Tom is bringing a full Modicon Quantum PLC rack complete with processor, I/O, and NOE card. He also has a bag of Modicon fuzzing goodies as well. This is going to be like the DefCon hardware hacking village, but with stuff that turns this on and off like lights, fans, and other I/O.

We are running the course twice starting on July 21: Course 1 (Sat/Sun), Course 2 (Mon/Tues). From what we have been told, the course is not sold out yet, so jump in and grab your seat in the course. More information can be found at:


If you are planning on attending BlackHat or DEF CON, drop us a message to meet up, or follow us on Twitter @redtigersec.


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