2013 July

July 2013

Red Tiger Security Participates in Upcoming Industry Events

July 27 – August 5 > Black Hat and Defcon in Las Vegas, NV
Red Tiger Security has partnered with Tom Parker and is providing the 2-Day Training Course entitled “Building, Attacking and Defending SCADA Systems” for the Black Hat security conference. The course is currently SOLD OUT for the 3rd year in a row, but there are a few seats that we were able to convince Black Hat to open up for the Monday / Tuesday course offering. Red Tiger Security will also participate in the Black Hat conference by sitting in on several ICS Security press events and will also be present at the Defcon conference as well. Catch up with the crew in Vegas!
For more information, check out the Black Hat training  registration page:
August 12 – 16 > SANS SCADA Security Summit and Training in Washington, DC
Red Tiger Security is offering our 5-day SCADA Security Training course in live face-to-face Instructor led training in Washington, DC the week of August 12. Come participate in our comprehensive hands-on training course with over 20 exercises and demos with live SCADA equipment.  For more information, check out the SANS training  registration page:
September 16 – 18 > Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Conference in Houston, Texas
Red Tiger Security’s founder, Jonathan Pollet, will be presenting a new topic entitled “Situational Awareness: the Importance of Oil and Gas Network Monitoring Systems in Cyberspace Domains” on the second day of the conference. If you are planning to be in the Houston, Texas area at this time, come on by the conference to catch this timely presentation and network with our team.
For more information about the conference and the agenda can be found online at: http://www.oilandgascybersecurity.com/
September 19 – 21 > Hacker Halted 2013 in Atlanta, GA
Red Tiger Security was invited back again to this year’s Hacker Halted event in Atlanta, GA. Jonathan Pollet will be demonstrating how to hack into PLC’s used in Critical Infrastructures. Jonathan will be discussing the following points:
1. What are PLC devices and how are they used in critical infrastructure
2. Go under the hood of two PLC devices and see how they work
3. Explain and show the most common cyber security weaknesses within PLC devices
4. Exploit those security weaknesses through live hacking demonstration.
For more information about this live hacking demonstration and to register for the conference, head over to the Hacker Halted web site:
September 23 – 26 > 2013 Canadian Utility Telecom Conference Program
Red Tiger Security’s founder, Jonathan Pollet, will be participating in a panel session at the upcoming UTC conference in Quebec City, Quebec Canada. This panel session is designed to help coordinate priorities and provide guidance in developing your cyber security strategy. Attend this session to learn about the challenge of internal and external threats in a complex supply chain environment; the value of understanding the attack vectors leading into an environment; streamlining remediation; finding and focusing on real vulnerabilities in your network and the role of penetration testing; and benchmarking risk posture over time.
More information and the program agenda can be found at the UTC web site:
October 15 – 17 > NERC GridSecCon2013 in Jacksonville, FL
NERC has requested Red Tiger Security to be involved again at this year’s NERC GridSecCon. We have enjoyed a nice relationship with NERC over the years in providing fresh content and training to NERC members and the electric utility space. We have been asked to participate in a malware panel, and looking forward to attending and participating at this year’s annual event.
For more information, check out NERC’s web site about this event: https://www.corprisk.net/events/nerc-gridseccon2013

“Spot the Tiger” During BlackHat / Defcon!

You’ve heard of “Spot the Fed.” This year at BlackHat / Defcon, we introduce “Spot the Tiger.” Find one of us wearing our new Man-of-Steel themed Red Tiger Security t-shirts and receive a one-time 10% off discount for any Cyber Security services from now till next year’s conference!

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