2012 October

October 2012

Red Tiger Security makes an impact at the WECC, NERC, and ICSJWG Conferences

We believe that while good companies are those that are profitable and sustainable, great companies are those that also give back to their community of interest. Contributing to critical infrastructure security events, assiting in developing industry best practices, and passing on our knowledge and tips onto others is a critcal part of our organization and a personal passion of mine. Since our start in the SCADA Security space back in 2001, I have pushed those working with me to stay plugged into industry events. On average, we participate in over 30 cybersecurity and industrial security events a year.

NERC Gridsecure Malware Panel

We strive to maintain a balance of working in the trenches doing site assessments, training others with our 2, 3, and 5-day courses, conducting new research in this field, and participating at industry events. These activities tend to feed the cycle. As we learn new things out in the field, we update our training course. As we participate in industry events, we take this information and meld it back into our methodology. We also enjoy the chance to infuse our passion for security into the community.

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Hope to see you there in Miami


Jonathan Pollet from Red Tiger Security to Participate in Upcoming Industry Events in October

Those of you in the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Industrial Security community know that there are a few industry events coming up in October.  We have been invited to speak and participate at the following four events:

– WECC (Western Electricity Coordinating Council) CUG and CIPUG Meeting
Location: San Diego, CA
More Details: http://www.wecc.biz/20121015/default.aspx?InstanceID=1

– NERC Gird Security Conference
Location: San Diego, CA
More Details: https://payment.nerc.net/GridSecCon/GridSecReg.aspx

– ICSJWG (Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group) 2012 Fall Meeting
Location: Denver, CO
More Details: http://www.us-cert.gov/control_systems/icsjwg/2012/fall/index.html

– Hacker Halted
Located: Miami, FL
More Details: http://www.hackerhalted.com/2012/Conference.aspx

I will be participating in several Malware Panel discussions in San Diego, volunteering at the ICSJWG event in Denver, and then presenting an hour long multi-media presentation about hacking SCADA Systems in Miami.  If you are planning on attending any of these upcoming events, drop us a line so we can meet up at the conference, or plan some discussions offsite over dinner / drinks.

Have a great weekend, and Geaux LSU Tigers!

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