2010 November

November 2010

Katana 2.0 / Forge 1.0

So, you just got a USB key from the conference you just attended. Before you toss it into that “box of stuff” take a moment and conscider using it in a more effective manner.

The guys from “Hack from a Cave” have put together a great platform and script that enables you to combine different Live Distro’s onto a single USB device. Alternatively you can build your own set of Distro’s with Forge and install them onto that piece of Swag. All the tools and downloads can be found here.

Either way, its time to pull out that USB and get your Linux on.


Security Tube

A great resource to continue learning outside of the classroom.

This website has collected the various videos that have been posted online and has broken then out by different topics. You can find your specific topic here.



The minds over at SecManiac have been hard at work and now they have just announced the release of the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) version 1.0. This framework gives the ordinary user the power to perform several high level compromises simply by choosing from a numbered list and specifying the requested information.

Included in the framework is a complete work up of both JAVA based exploits as well as a changelog that covers over 20 new and unique upgrades from the previous v.07 release. This is a KEY tool when automating the task of targeted phishing or Spear Phishing, and is a significant area of growth for all security practitioners.

Feel free to email me back your comments and thoughts on this framework to jcummins@redtigersecurity.ca . Doubtless we have not seen the end to this type of attack vector. In fact, I would consider this only the beginning.

Find the link to SET here.


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