2013 July

July 2013

Red Tiger Security’s Jonathan Pollet to be Featured on Fox Morning News

Those of you who will be awake tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM, you might want to tune your TV’s to Fox. I’ll be in the Fox studio in Houston doing a live interview on the ‘top five new hacks’ consumers need to worry about. This will be a preview of the big Black Hat Hacker Conference that I am participating in next week.

I’m going to be covering the following interesting topics, so hope you get a chance to catch the segment:

1. Online Banking Risk – Hackers have uncovered new flaws in the security technology (known as SSL/TSL) that makes it safe to buy and bank online. This puts you at added risk, especially if you use a public WiFi connection or discard an old phone or laptop that was used for online banking in the past.

2. Your Phone Can Be Cloned – Several new phone hacking threats will be revealed this weekend, but one of the most disturbing is a ‘cloning attack’ that can let someone else watch everything you do on your phone and even impersonate you. This scam uses a hacked CDMA femtocell to trick your phone into connecting with it instead of the cell tower.

3. Medical Devices – It may sound like science fiction, but hacking the human body is now a reality – if you have a pacemaker or other implantable medical device, you can be hacked.

4. Remote Controlling Your Car – As cars are becoming more computerized, they’re also becoming more vulnerable to hackers. Some are able to control the braking and steering of the car.

5. New Stalker Tool – A new tool called CreepyDOL is being released, which can let a person track everything you do online, and know your exact physical location.

Don’t miss this informative and fun briefing on Fox!


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